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During the coronavirus lockdown, we decided to record a series of covers from home, and donate the proceeds from each song to NHS Charities Together. 

Find out a bit more about each of our choices of covers below!

More than a feeling

Our first cover from lockdown is Boston's super smash hit 'More Than A Feeling'. 


It's a track that's stood the test of time, and the opening line of "I looked out this morning and the sun was gone" seems kinda fitting given the situation we're all in. But it's a song all about the power of music, which we're all firm believers in. It's a theme on our 'Beautiful Life' album! Hopefully our version can bring a smile to your face as you stick on some headphones and lose yourself in this song. Even if it helps distract you from the state of the world for just a few minutes. 

Dancing in the moonlight

The second in our lockdown covers series is 'Dancing in the Moonlight' by Thin Lizzy!

Mark's always loved this song since he was younger, and tried to put a different spin on it from the upbeat Thin Lizzy original version.

What it became is something that wouldn't be out of place on shows like Love Island or Made in Chelsea and how this version would be perfect for some sort of moody bit where one posh guy has a row with some posh girl at the club their dad owns. They fight about who's got the most money or the biggest muscles or something and this plays. It's all very emotional. 

I will follow you into the dark

Our third lockdown cover is Death Cab For Cutie's huge emo banger 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark', as performed by our drummer Si. 

Couple of fun facts about this one: Si sang this to his wife on the first time she came over to his house, and now they're married. That's how good a song it is/how good Si is at singing it and playing it on the ukulele. 

All the uke and vocals were recorded by Si just using the mic on his headphones. But he thought it was the mic on his laptop. So he was leaning over the laptop to record the whole time for nothing. He has a first class degree in Music Technology.

mercy me

Our final cover from quarantine is 'Mercy Me' by Alkaline Trio! 

It was actually the first cover we recorded, and got us started on the idea of doing a bunch more. Mark LOVES this song and he's always playing it on an acoustic guitar. A few weeks into lockdown he recorded a version one day, just playing around. He sent it over to our resident musical maestro Matt Attard who added some killer production and harmonies to it. And the rest is history. Plus we were psyched on the idea of getting to do the cool artwork with the eyes like Alkaline Trio do. 

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