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Beautiful Life Album artwork front.jpg

Beautiful Life

Released: 02/08/19

Format: Vinyl, CD, Digital

1. Girls and Boys

2. Playing the Part

3. Day of the Dead

4. Don't Know What I'd Do

5. When the Tower Falls

6. Baby Blue

7. P.Y.D. (feat. Elijah)

8. Hey Becka

9. Interlude

10. Brick by Brick

11. Dramatic

12. Beautiful Life

13. Where and When

Recorded & Mixed by Tim Vincent
Mastered by Grant Berry

Videos from Beautiful life

watch "Brick by Brick"


Released: 16/10/15

Deluxe Edition Released: 8/11/17 

Format: Vinyl (deluxe edition only), CD, Digital

1. A House That's Not Quite Home

2. Maria

3. That Pretty Dress

4. Lakeside

5. If I Had the Time, I'd Tell You I'm Not Sorry

6. Anywhere But Here

7. Epilogue (We Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay)

8. Fall to Pieces*

9. Run Away With Me*

10. Veronica*

*Deluxe version only


Recorded & Mixed by Phil Gornell & Drew Lawson
Mastered by Grant Berry

Juniorland Artwork1439894806.jpg

Videos from Juniorland

watch "A House That's Not Quite Home"

Split EP Artwork1472818584.jpg



Format: CD, Digital

1. Fall to Pieces [Junior]

2. Run Away With Me [Junior]

3. Ground Hog [Fierce Morgan]

4. Schadenfreude [Fierce Morgan]


Recorded & Mixed by Drew Lawson
Mastered by Grant Berry

Videos from Split EP

watch "Fall to Pieces"

This town sucked anyways

Released: 6/3/15

Format: CD, Digital

1. Instructions to Fit In, Have Everyone Like You, and Always Be Happy

2. Way Out

3. They Don't Make Them Like Kelly Kapowski No More

4. Undertow

5. Breaking Kayfabe

6. Interlude

7. The Dead Beat Kids

Recorded & Mixed by Junior


Videos from This town Sucked anyways

watch "they don't make them like Kelly kapowski no more"

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